What is the financial policy?

A general fund supported by voluntary gifts from interested friends and prayer supporters cover costs of printing, stationery, travelling, maintenance of buildings, home-running and administrative expenses. An audited financial statement is issued annually. Full-time staff trust God individually for the provision of their personal needs and keep their prayer supporters informed of their activities by means of a personal prayer letter.


How can you be involves in this strategic ministry?


         By praying specifically for all those in the healthcare services.

         By encouraging the formation of an HCF group or an Action Team (which is a group of well-communicating persons moving together towards the fulfillment of God-given goals in the light of the HCF vision) in their peace of work.

         By supporting an HCF worker, or providing equipment.

         By attending the annual training courses and conferences.

         By joining HCF fulltime or as an Associate Staff Worker.

         By introducing the HCF vision in churches, schools, nursing/medical colleges, and on radio or T.V.

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